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June 19-July 11

David Kizziar

David Kizziar started drawing at the age of five and, despite having no formal art education progressed naturally to ink and then oils. Growing up in Southern California, he spent years surfing but had to swing a hammer to pay the bills. At thirty-five, he took a ten-year hiatus from art to pursue his other passions in life – music & songwriting. During that time he wrote nearly four hundred songs but completed only one painting, a fact that he credits to his non-traditional schooling in oils and the two thousand hours he spent completing the work.

Today, Kizziar's style demonstrates his renewed passion for art on his quest to create captivating colored pencil drawings on toned paper and oils on canvas. His knowledge and eye for perspective have helped him develop his gift for portraying life-like movement. David defines his style as "one that evokes feelings and thought" and strives to have his art emit a mood that reflects life's beauty so viewers can feel "the essence" of his pieces. Inspired by lighting, composition, and his love for the Master's, he paints every day to elevate the 'magic' of art by conveying his passion for life.

David Kizziar

Gallery Dana Bay


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