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June 19-July 11

Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn Johnson is a Mixed Media Contemporary Artist and incorporates a unique blend of Acrylics, Metallics, Inks and Resin. Her main subjects are Coastal and Nature themes on a variety of substrates including Recycled Surfboards and Skateboards. Carolyn's art is available online, in galleries, unique retail shops and art shows.




Carolyn Johnson

Gallery Dana Bay


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This piece titled "LOVE IS AN ACTION" speaks to the Heros in our lives that "speak love" by showing love in "works and acts of kindness". Today's Heros are taking a personal risk that we must acknowledge as selfless. It has become much more obvious today than EVER before - that actions of this type put them in a vulnerable situation to both themselves and their families. These generous acts of service – on all levels show "LOVE IN ACTION" – the type that expects nothing back.

Confidential offers will be made by contacting the Gallery via email at The exhibition and availability of the artwork ends July 11. The starting price for each artwork is only $500. All art will be sold. Offers are being received now.

To encourage early offers, several artists have created a confidential 'buy it now', when achieved, the artwork will be sold with no additional or higher offers.

Forward the ART HELP FOR HEROES exhibition to all friends and family to enjoy the art and may share the desire to support the HEROES.

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  • The artworks will be available for pick-up or free local delivery on or before July 4. Shipping to US destinations is $40.

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To view the art, contact the Gallery for open hours, or in the time of Covid, by appointment. Press contacts please email us