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June 19-July 11

Jay Gale

My evolution as an artist has been a journey that began with a fascination with photog-raphy as a child; nourished by my interest in computers, a love of the visual arts, and my career as a clinical psychologist. Truthfully, I never decided to be an artist, it just seemed to happen. When I retired as a psychologist, the interest in art and the creative energy inside of me just seemed to crystalize. I now had the time, the drive and what felt like a "calling" to de-fine myself as an artist. Using this synthesis of my passion for the arts and my expertise as a psychologist has helped me to create what I believe is a unique perspective in both my photographic art as well as my paintings.



Jay Gale

Gallery Dana Bay

Sunset at The Watering Hole

Because all of my paintings are reinterpretations of my photographic images, each rep-resents a special memory. Sunset at the Watering Hole is based on a striking scene on my second night in Zimbabwe, in southern Africa. Our guide brought us to an area where we could observe a watering hole. Just as the sun was setting and the sky was being painted with a palette that ranged from vibrant yellows and oranges to a deep vio-let, a herd of elephants magically appeared, barely visible, but silhouetted against the painted background. Truthfully, no painting or photograph could capture the entire vista from that beautiful evening; nor could it recreate the sensation of the cool breeze or the sounds of the jungle. It was that memorable night that inspired this colorful painting.

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